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Devils Lake

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Since this is a genius story (and, I will be writing more of it this is just the proto-type/rough draft + first part of story) it is copy-righted. So, you can't fuck me over and steal this. Only I know what happens next. But here's the story.

Devils Lake
Our story begins in a small town located somewhere in western Kansas. The town is not important, but the following bizarre, strange, and horrific events which took place are. The events that occurred in this small town on December 14th 1994 are events which will never be forgotten by its residents, and the following events that occurred afterwards have left the town in total and complete shock. Many of the real names of these residents and personal appearances have been altered do to protect the safety, personal security, and livelihood of the residents of this small town.
This tale begins on July 4th, 1993. A young kid named Richard, seventeen years of age, his little brother (15 years of age), and there friend John had planned to meet another friend by the name of Eddy at the local creek late in the night after fourth of july celebrations. This was not a normal lake however, and the four had been planning to meet up here for quite sometime. It was a creek walled off to the town located on its outskirts by fencing, largely do to a fire hitting the lake in 1950 destroying it completely and killing ten citizens in the process. The lake had rotted away, largely do to being unattended to for years. In 1962 just 12 years later a murderer escaped from the local asylum kidnapping a young girl and brutally murdering her. He was given the death penalty two years later, but the events scared the town as events like these were quite uncommon in this farm based small town of western Kansas. From this point on, residents of the small town labeled Devils Lake, believing the man to have been under possession by beelzebub the devil himself. The four had decided to venture into the lake, seeing what was there and if anything supernatural existed, as residents believed it to be haunted by demonic spirits.
Richard, John, and his youngest brother waited for their friend Eddy. About an hour passed, and as the clock hit just 20 minutes before midnight, the boys began to grow impatient. John purposed the idea that the three should simply forget about him, and travel into the lake themselves. With much protest from Richard’s younger brother, the three climbed the fence and entered the lake (the lakes fencing was rotting to the core, as no one had dared to repair it since 1962). The events that took place next have been theorized as either the doing of a madman, or of something far more sinister and supernatural.
The lake was simply put, completely destroyed. Just one tree remained over the top of the fence a long strange winding oak believed to have been in existence since the 1400s with a large cross painted across it reading “Begone evil”. The lake itself was scattered with old rotting branches. No fish swum in the lake, obviously having been destroyed long ago. The three explored the area when, that's when it happened. A weird creature, about five feet nine, with a disgusting face, which resembled that of a man, inhumane like giant teeth stretching over its entire face, which happened to be like that of a shark, a giant disgusting spiny tail, and disgusting wings showed itself. Its moves were quick, impaling John at first sight, killing him on the spot. Richard and his little brother began to run, but the creature was quick lunging after his younger brother and killing him in the most disgusting way possible (IMPALING him through the chest with blood hitting Richards face, then laughing with pure malice as it tossed the poor child into the hellish swamp). Richard moved fast, climbing the top of the fence as the monster attempted to grab his legs and jumped to the far (and only three) in the lake. The monster was unable to reach him, growling and hissing with disgust. For some reason the monster, feared the tree and was unable to move closer to it. The monster stood there for a few minutes, growling at Richard but then deciding to leave. Richard waited for twenty minutes (it seemed like) then decided to leave jumping off the branch and out of the lake. Covered in blood, Richard collapsed.
The next day, Richard found himself in a hospital bed questioned by police. Once again a local murderer being housed as transportation in Wichita had escaped custody, and was believed to have entered the lake looking for a place to hide out from the police. There he had seen the boys, killed them out of fear of them leaking his whereabouts to the local police, and had been caught shortly later. The man they had arrested, denied this, claiming he had been nowhere near the lake, but it didn't stop the police from wanting the case to close as quickly as possible, as to avoid massive panic by the town on superstition of the old Devils Lake legend. It had turned out that Richard’s friend Eddy had arrived just as Richard had collapsed, reporting the incident to the police.
Rumors swelled among the townsfolk, many believing it to have simply been a random occurrence and refused to make any connection. Others believed it to be a work of the supernatural, and Richard’s story was explained by the local shrink and by the highly respected local sheriff Denton as a delusion and a way to rationalize the events. Richard however, refused to believe this citing the story over and over again of the demonic creature.
Taking to the library, Richard spent days reading up on different mythological monsters, vampires, and other demons. The creature that came to Richard’s mind first was the moroi, an ancient Romanian mythical creature, a vampire, believed to be the product of evil spirits rising from the grave with supernatural powers who took on new bodies of the living and not only possessed mythical strength, but also the ability to warp the minds of those they had been around for long periods of time. Richard searched the internet, still very small at the time and finally came across a website with users who believed in the supernatural. They told him that the areas evil, its repressed villains from all walks of life had risen as evil spirits for millennium and had used devils lake as their sanctuary. Richard, after months of studying this began to believe this was the case and one of these monsters had killed his brother and friend.
Richard decided to visit his friend Eddy to share his findings, the two had barely talked since the events and Richard wanted to share his discovering with Eddy. Eddy's family was very withdrawn ever since his brother's death in the operation desert storm. Eddy dismissed Richards allegations as mere insanity, a way to rationalize the horrible events which had occurred. Richard noticed Eddy’s basement was blocked completely off, and decided to use this time to ask Eddy about this. Eddy replied that his father was very secretive, and ever since his brother's death his father had become even more secluded.
After Richard left Eddy's house, he began to put more and more pieces together. He had never seen Eddy's father as anything other than late night fourth of July local parties, and the same went for Eddy's mother. When there were local daily get together, the family never appeared. Many townsfolk simply dismissed the family as strong, weird, or creepy with many others believing it was simply a reaction to Eddy's brother's death. However, Richard realized that even before Eddy's brother's death, Eddy's family had the same withdrawal from society.
Deciding to investigate this further, finding it beyond suspicions' that Eddy was late to their meeting (Eddy had dismissed this as his parents not going to sleep until later in the night, therefore he was unable to sneak out of the house). Richard found this odd, and one day decided to spy on Eddy's family, and see what was up. One Wednesday night, Richard camped out in a tree right outside Eddy's house.
Nothing happened that night for hours, using his binoculars Richard looked directly into the house seeing nothing as it seemed the family had gone to sleep. Then Richard saw Eddy, his mother, and his father slowly emerges from their respective areas of the house (his father emerging from the basement). And Eddy’s father was pushing a man, an older man. Richard realized who it was, Mr. Warner. Warner was an older man, 55 years of age and very secluded. Warner looked freaked out beyond description, as he seemed to fall on the couch without a push or movement. The family simply stared at him. Richard wanted to call for help, but his mouth was unable to move feeling a large swelling inside him of fear. That's when it happened, Eddy’s father opened his mouth, and the family began to transform. Transform into hideous creatures, all with the exact makeup of the original demon which had attacked Richard. One by one they began to attack Mr. Warner, and bite him, devouring him. Richard was unable to move his eyes from the horror, his legs unable to move, his mind seemed to be telling him to RUN, to SCREAM, to do ANYTHING but his body refused to move out of fear. After an hour, when Mr. Warner was no more the family stopped. It seemed like a generation, but then a minute later Eddy’s father turned around, seemed to sniff the area, and looked directly at Richard with pure anger in his eyes.
Richard waited no more, his body finally snapped back to normal and he threw himself off the tree, running as fast as humanly possible. Richard didn't stop running until he reached his house, climbed in the window from the back so his uncle would not awake, grabbed his bible, said 100 prayers, and pulled the sheets over his body.
Now, he had become convinced and new it to be true, that it was Eddy’s family that was demonic that were the vampires. It had all made sense, it was Eddy’s idea to visit devils lake, and he had arrived late with the weakest of explanations. Eddy's father and mother were never seen during the daytime, the only thing wondering Richard was Eddy himself. Richard, however, had learned from his readings that younger vampires often could walk during the day as they had not developed into full vampires gaining the full demonic power and eyesight of a true creature of the night.
There would zero point in going to law enforcement, they would think him mad. So Richard developed his own plan, he armed his rifles bullets with holy water (something that could damage these creatures), a stake (which would finish these monsters off), and a holy cross. Richard dropped out of school for the next month, pretending to go as to not trouble his uncle (who he had lived with since his parents had died when he was 12 years old) and made his plan. He would attack the house during the day, at 2:00 killing the monsters in their sleep as vengeance was the only thing on his mind.
He arrived at the house at 2:00 (250st Peffer street), the house bolted up tight something that was unusual for this part of Kansas, which had generally low crime. Richard entered the house through a small secret opening he knew of in the backyard. He began to spot the area, the house completely blocked off from sunlight in every area with many shades surrounding the windows. As he began to creep around the house, he saw Eddy’s mother. Standing there with a look of pure and total rage in her eyes, she began to transform into a wicked creature of the night. Richard moved fast, firing shot after shot from his rifle at the creature as it howled and hissed, but just kept coming despite its obvious injuries. He tossed balloon bags of holy water at it, and the creature was clearly in pain but just seemed to keep coming. It attacked Richard with everything it could thrusting its tail into his chest slashing his arms, despite the pain Richard pressed on firing shot after shot trying to keep as much distance between the creature and himself. He would die to destroy this creature, that was his only motive at this point the only thing keeping him alive.
The creature began to gain ground on Richard, and he was pressed into a corner finally running out of bullets. The monster had taken large amounts of damage, blood everywhere, and it was full of rage. As Richard collapsed do with injuries, the monster seemed to grin preparing its final strike on Richard. However, Richard saw a weak spot. The monster's tail, and at the last second grabbed his stake thrusting it into the beasts whip, the beast screamed and Richard pulled out another stake thrusting it into the beast's chest.
It was dead, he had done it. Now just time to find the other two, that's when it all seemed to come to a close. Standing in front of Richard was Eddy, with rage in his eyes. The next events were blurry to Richard, the cops arrived to arrest him. Richard was thrown into a Wichita private prison for only the worst of criminals, and Mr. Warners death had occurred eight months beforehand from old age. That was the end of this tail, doctors claimed Richard had suffered madness from this event and much of the story seemed to back they're hypothetical. What really happened? Is this small town, just outside of Wichita, Kansas inhabited by a family of dark, sinister demons, and are there more of them? Or was Richard simply insane, this whole thing a symptom of his delusions and PTSD from his brother's death. We will never know, just that Richard remains in jail and life goes on, in this small town.


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