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Death Note Plot hole Empty Death Note Plot hole

Post by Kingcold94 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:41 pm

I found the ending to be a pretty big let down. I feel like the way Light was killed made no sense.

my main problems

1. How did near steal the death note?

Yes he knew about the real death note mikami hid at the bank, but how did he obtain it? He had about 4 people working for him, how did he break into the bank and steal it without being caught? or did he steal it off of mikami before he put it back in the bank?

2. so if i'm way off on #1, how did Mikami not notice the death note was fake?

one of the kira officers who stole the book made a fake one and coopied his handwriting. Theres no way you wouldnt notice someone else coppied your hand writing especially on stuff you wrote less than a week before. not to mention mikami was under strict instructions to inspect the book. I find it hard that he would miss this. Mikami was very smart, and a good prosecutor. I find it very hard he would miss that

3. Why Did light even show up in the first place?

Meeting them face to face was super risky. Light had so many paths to victory. He should have killed off his own task force in an accident/release their names to his supporters and tell them to be executed or just killed them discretely with the notebook. He could have bribed the US government/any foreign government to spy on and get the names and faces of the kira task force led by near. Worst comes to worst he could have just had the meeting place bombed by the US government or by any government.

Basically I see that light started to get blood lust and started to get corrupted by the note book and feel like he was invincible. But he was easily outsmarted and defeated. However I am disappointed by the way it ended. he was shown to be amazingly smart yet was killed because of very very stupid mistakes. It felt uncharacteristic. Dont get me wrong I love the show and love the ending looking past those flaws. I guess it had to end at some point
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Death Note Plot hole Empty Re: Death Note Plot hole

Post by PiT on Fri May 05, 2017 8:33 pm

I have not read it, but I heard the manga spent much more time fleshing out Near's half of the story. The anime post-timeskip felt really rushed and failed to explain important plot points. To add to your list, Near's basis for identifying Mikami as X-Kira was really flimsy.


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