North Korean Army (KPA) vs ISIS

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North Korean Army (KPA) vs ISIS

Post by strangeland on Mon May 01, 2017 1:24 am

Inspired by an article I read about two years ago which I unfortunately can't link: basically it involved paying North Korea to deploy part of its massive, overly-large army to the Middle East to help Iraq and Syria defeat ISIS. So here's an idea: what if that idea was actually tried?

Premise: in early 2015, the Assad Regime in Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies call on help from North Korea to beat back ISIS and drive them out of Syria so that they can focus their own forces on defeating the rebels.

100,000 North Korean troops are shipped off to Syria, along with their tanks, guns, helicopters, aircraft, artillery, and small arms. North Korea has a massive inventory of such weapons, but most are of 1970s vintage or even older.

North Korea has actually deployed troops, pilots, and advisors outside of its borders before, but only in fairly small numbers, and most of these deployments took place a fairly long time ago, so it's questionable how many of the lessons learned from these could be incorporated.

In this scenario:

- Russia and China help the North Koreans with transportation
- Russia and Iran can help the North Koreans with logistics, such as food, fuel, and ammunition, but not with equipment or additional weapons beyond what they brought
- ISIS shifts forces from Iraq to face the North Koreans

Who wins?


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Re: North Korean Army (KPA) vs ISIS

Post by Kingcold94 on Mon May 01, 2017 5:48 pm

I think ISIS would win this. syria's army >> NK's and they still cant totally beat isis
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